String of Baltimore County burglaries reaches 10

2 guns stolen from one home


Sometimes a passing car is all you hear up in the fairly rural part of Baltimore County, but since the beginning of the year there has been a noticeable disturbance for Baltimore County Police.

"Our detectives and our criminal analysis unit have identified a number of burglaries that are occurring in the northern Cockeysville area.  There are at least seven at this point.  We are investigating to see if they are connected," said Cpl. Cathy Batton.

Because there are similarities to these crimes; county police can't or won't say it's the same burglar, but they are happening very close to one another in communities like Phoenix, Monkton and others.

The crimes are a mix of break-ins and using open doors or windows.

Seven of them are concerning enough, but late Friday police added three to that count including one of them on Sweet Air Road just west of Jarrettsville Pike Thursday night.

In most of these cases the suspects are making off with the typical: cash, jewelry and electronics, but in at least one case the burglars stole two hand guns and that immediately raises the profile of this trend for Baltimore County Police detectives.

"Absolutely when guns are taken, we have concerns about where those guns are going and what they will eventually be used for.  That does trigger an additional response from our agency," said Batton.

So people who live in this area, especially near Jarrettsville Pike and Manor Road where the guns were stolen may notice extra patrols.

There will also be undercover details too.

A net cast aimed to cut this string of burglaries at 10 with a focus on recovery of not just the property stolen, but the two guns now in the wrong hands.

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