Police pursue person suspected of striking officers with vehicle

Police arrest 25-year-old suspect

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - A woman is in custody and three law enforcement officers are recovering from injuries after what police describe as a busted drug deal.

Officers with the Baltimore city and county police departments were involved in the situation that crossed into county jurisdiction from the city Wednesday morning.

Officials say they were in pursuit of a suspect believed to have struck two city officers with a vehicle. They say the vehicle was involved in a drug deal that was interrupted on Belair Road.

The pursuit involving at least a dozen law enforcement vehicles could be seen from the windows of ABC2 News on York Road. The chase ended at the intersection of Joppa and Walther in the Parkville/Carney area as 25-year-old Alicya Marie Hoffman of Belair was taken into custody.

Injuries to the officers hit by the vehicle are not believed to be life-threatening. They were transported by medics to the infirmary. One officer has an arm injury, the other has a leg injury. The third officer was injured as Hoffman was being apprehended.

The vehicle involved has Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) tags. Investigators say they have yet to resolve if the vehicle was stolen or not. They do know, that it is not registered to Alicya Hoffman.

Check back with ABC2 News as we continue to follow this story.

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