Police investigate bank robbery in Essex

ESSEX, Md. - UPDATE: Three women charged in connection to Essex bank robbery.

If the suspects are caught, they are probably red-handed.  Dye leaked through the purse someone carried out of Baltimore County Savings Bank. 

Steve Lambros did a little detective work himself.

"I said well there's a pocket book out front your house.  So I went down and got the police officer, brought him up," said Lambros. 

We watched too, as detectives looked for evidence.  No money came out, just a separate bag.

While this was happening on Maryland Ave. in Essex, detectives were inside the bank a block up on Eastern Blvd.  Gregory Smith was outside to guard his sport wear store.

"There was a lot of smoke, seen a lot of red smoke, and she had ran and fell and she got back up," said Smith.    

Police caught up with several people, but they are trying to find out who is responsible for the bank robbery that happened after 3 p.m. Friday.

Police say a suspect was unarmed when he or she handed a note to the teller and got away with cash. 

"I don't keep money in the store after a big purchase, and I try to just stay from behind the counter," said Smith. 

Other business owners locked their doors for the afternoon.

"I hope they're more desperate than the hard-working people that save their money there at the bank because that's a shame," said Lambros.    

We have counted at least eight bank robberies in the Baltimore area this month.  As of Friday night, no one has been charged.

Baltimore County Savings Bank has not said when they'll reopen. 

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