Loot includes weaves and extensions bound for black market

The walls are filled with the latest styles in synthetics, acrylics and artificial fibers, but you'll find few takers.
"Most people now want human hair like Tyra Banks and a lot of the superstars... and Beyonce---they're wearing human hair," said Wanda Gibson of Northwest Baltimore.
And it's that human hair that's driving this man seen entering Beauty Island in the Valley Center Shopping Center off Reisterstown Road to take all of it he can carry in a recent series of burglaries in Baltimore County.
"The suspect is entering the store, smashing the window to enter the store and taking in some cases up to 80 packages of hair and then fleeing on foot," said Cpl. Cathy Batton of the Baltimore County Police Department.
"So 80 packages?  How much can a single package be worth?"
"It depends on the type of hair that's taken and the quality of the hair.  They can range  anywhere between $20 and sometimes up over $100."
The first time the hair bandit pulled off a smash-and-grab at this store, he had to strike the glass in the front door repeatedly to gain entry.
Two weeks later, he used a more substantial piece of concrete.
Beauty Island has since installed metal bars to ward off the criminal and just up the road, Beauty Star erected a wall of iron bars across the entire store front after being burglarized twice as well.
"It's just like stealing IPhones and robbing you for this and that---hair is no different.  I mean young girls take their whole paycheck and go get their hair done," said Gibson, "It's crazy, but that's the world we live in today."
The beauty shop burglar is doing his best to disguise his identity, wearing a hat and a handkerchief over his face, but if you have any information that could lead to his arrest and indictment, Metro Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward of up to $2,000.
Just call 1-866-7LOCKUP.
Criminals across the country have been cashing in on these popular hair extensions.
In fact, in a single burglary in Chicago, robbers made off with $230,000 worth of them.
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