Couple have been married for 50 years

ESSEX, Md. -
Darkness had fallen on Anne Avenue Sunday evening when Tillie Hennagan heard the distinctive sound of someone crying.
"I heard crying, but I didn't know what was going on.  I thought it was a baby crying somewhere.  My next door neighbors have kids so that's what I thought it was."
Hennagan would learn later that it was the sound of her neighbor across the street, Young Ja Yi, sobbing after being struck in the head with a hammer.
According to charging documents, her alleged attacker, 75-year old Pal Young Yi, had already called the police and reported that he had attempted to kill his wife.
An officer spotted the husband standing in the middle of the road with bloodied hands as he arrived on the scene.
"He had the gentleman handcuffed kneeling down on the road, and I offered my assistance," said Scott Sewell, a nearby neighbor, "I'm a retired police officer, but it wasn't really needed.  The gentleman was very upset.  He wasn't talking.  He was just kind of like moaning and highly upset."
Inside the home, police found Yi's wife of 50 years, lying on a bed covered in blood with a severe injury to her head.
She was able to point to the floor where officers discovered a hammer laying underneath a cot.
"The female and the male had gotten into some type of argument at the location," said Cpl. John Wachter of the Baltimore County Police Department, "During that argument, the male retrieved a hammer and struck the female in the head several times."
During an interrogation, Yi told a detective he became upset when his wife made herself a cup of coffee without making one for him.
He claimed he had consumed several glasses of wine and wanted to kill her and himself.
He grabbed a hammer from the kitchen and struck her as she lied in bed reading her bible.
"Sometimes people have issues that they can't control and they snap and apparently that's what happened here and I feel bad for him," said Sewell, "I prayed for him and I prayed for his wife that night."
Neighbors say the suspect had only recently moved back in with his wife after domestic problems had prompted him to move out.
He's being held with no bond.
His wife is listed in serious condition at the Shock Trauma Center.
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