Family makes appeal to hit & run drivers

Edgemere man killed when struck twice on North Poi

EDGEMERE, Md. - They make a simple plea.

"If the person who did this is watching this, we're ready to forgive.  If you are sorry that you did this and you come forward, I will personally ask for leniency," said Steven Mack less than 24 hours after his father's death.
For the moment, the family of 77-year old David Mack has set aside the pain and grief associated with their loss to find out how it happened.
"We don't know what happened, but we're willing to forgive, but just that we would know, 'Did he step out in front of them?'  From what we know he was on the sidewalk," added the victim's sister, Marie Mack.

Baltimore County Police say Mack died after he was struck not once, but twice by vehicles travelling here along North Point Road near Delmar Avenue last night.
"He was struck twice," said Elise Armacost of the Baltimore County Police Department, "He was struck a first time and then a second vehicle ran over him as well.  Both vehicles fled the scene and we're looking for information about both of those vehicles."

Mack was a member of the men's auxiliary at VFW Post 2678, and an employee, Darlene Chance, says he had just left the post when he was killed.
"I turned around and... he never says goodbye.  He just makes his leisurely way home and when I left here last night, I saw him lying on the side of the road, but he was a nice guy.  He really was.  He liked kids.  He liked us.  He liked everybody."

And while the family says it doesn't want to wreck the lives of those who ran over Mack, they do want to learn how it happened and why the drove away.
"The odds of two people getting away with the same crime at the same time---it's just... I would think that's higher than the Lotto," said the victim's son, "so these people---somebody is getting caught so they should come forward as soon as they can."

We're told David Mack grabbed local headlines installing the electronics on supertankers at Bethlehem Steel and traveled the world repairing them through the Seventies and Eighties.
He is survived by a large, extended family including a dozen grandchildren.

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