Baltimore County police charge Reisterstown man with strangling wife

REISTERSTOWN, Md. - Police in Baltimore County have determined that a woman found dead after a house fire last month wasn't killed by the fire.  Instead they've charged her husband with killing her.

On Thursday, more than a month after the fire, a cleaning crew could be seen inside the home on Fox Run Court in Reisterstown.  There's still crime tape hanging from a tree.

Back on Dec. 8, rescue crews found the body of 35-year-old Kendra Rutherford inside the burning home.

An autopsy has determined that she had been strangled before the fire started.

Police arrested her husband, 41-year-old Anthony Rutherford, and charged him with murder and arson this week.

Neighbors said the couple had a young daughter, but their relationship seemed troubled.

Neighbors – and Kendra Rutherford's obituary -- also say she was pregnant with their second child.

Back in 2008, a jury in Baltimore County found another man, David Miller, guilty on two counts of murder.

He shot his pregnant girlfriend in June of 2007, in a car outside of a shopping center in Parkville.

It was the first time a prosecutor in Maryland used the state's "fetal homicide" law to charge someone with the murder of an unborn baby.

Scott Shellenberger was the state's attorney in Baltimore County at that time -- and he continues to hold that position.

In a phone interview Shellenberger told ABC2 News that in order to use the law in the Rutherford case the fetus would have to be viable -- and he says to determine that he needs much more information from the medical examiner.

Right now Anthony Rutherford faces one charge of first degree murder, and another of first degree arson.  He's being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center.


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