500 pounds of pot siezed in Phoenix, Md.

PHOENIX, Md. - Officers with the DEA say two Phoenix, Md. men had about 500 pounds of marijuana and 5,000 grams of cocaine in their possession.

According to an affidavit, officers obtained a search warrant  for 2923 Merrymans Mill Road in Phoenix after intercepting conversations via wire surveillance that led them to believe Harold Alexander Byrd, a resident of the home, was distributing illegal substances.

Byrd's home was searched on Monday, April 22. Investigators say they found the cocaine in a workroom of the home and the marijuana in 73 black plastic Stanley containers.

In addition to the narcotics found in the home, investigators say they took possession of three handguns, an AK-47 and four sets of body armor.

As a result, Harold Byrd and Joseph Ibreham Byrd (aka Willie Cosby), have been arrested and charged with the possession and intent to distribute the drugs.

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