Child dead after being left in hot truck

LANSDOWNE - The black Ford F-150 is the focus of Baltimore County police detectives.  Pictures are taken and the child car seat is eventually pulled from the truck. 

"Somebody don't have no heart.  I can't believe it," said Aura Mendez, a neighbor.    

It's tough on neighbors, knowing now a 16-month-old girl was found in cardiac arrest and later died at the hospital.  She's identified as Sabriya Towels.

"No common sense.  You don't need an education to do that.  It's just sad," said Brian Salvato, a neighbor.    

Towels was found around 1 p.m. on McDowell Ln. in Lansdowne.  Now police say it may have been an accident.

A relative, not a parent, was supposed to drop her off at the Highland Village Head Start Center.  But instead, he drove to their home on South Paca St. and went inside to sleep.

Four hours later, he went to pick up the child but ran back out and found her in the truck.  At this point, police do not think it was intentional but it's still tough on neighbors. 

"We had no idea that someone would leave a baby in this type of heat in a truck with leather seats," said Veronica Towson, a neighbor. 

It was 88 degrees outside.  Inside a black car would be hotter.  The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will determine how she died. 

"You don't even leave a dog in the car for that amount of time.  I don't care if it's two minutes.  It's too hot out here," said Shanda Thomas.    

The relative has not been named and no criminal charges have been filed.

Employees at the Head Start Center would not talk to us about the case.




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