Baltimore crime wave rolls on

Four more shot; two dead since Thursday night

BALTIMORE - The people who live on the 900 block of Bennett Place in West Baltimore are behind bars as metal gates block off the street today where a mobile police station is now parked.

Baltimore Police say it is part of their added patrols but the officers look more as if they are standing guard.

Still, Rico Sterling sits on the stoop in the block he grew up on, now sandwiched between two sets of Mylar balloons where bodies fell this week.

"It's crazy," Sterling laughed.  [You're laughing about it but is that the only thing you can do?]  "I mean no, if you're not going to laugh, you're going to cry about it and I'm not gonna cry about it.  But it's not funny at all."

But for some, crying is all they can do including the mother of Friday morning's homicide victim who came to see where her son was gunned down.

Overcome with grief, she needed help getting back to her car.

 It is an emotional scene that touched another mother on this block but she called us crazy to ask for a TV interview because she said "they are killing women now too."


The 3300 block of Elmora Avenue is where last night three women were shot, one fatal.

More bullets, another body prompting a plea from the northeast district major

"We know people saw it and they need to step up and help us," said Major Richard Worley.

And so far those people gave enough information to develop a person of interest in that shooting Thursday night and have police saying they believe it may not be connected to the week-long back and forth shootings between east and west.

Commissioner Anthony Batts has said many of this week's shootings can be traced back to a gang dispute at the Mirage club in downtown Baltimore.

Ever since, bullets have been flying on either side of Charles Street; a possible turf war with an increasing body count and frayed nerves.

"I can step out my door and get shot for no reason at all.  It's unsettling," said another resident.

Unsettling numbers as of Friday afternoon when  the city has logged 36 shootings and 14 homicides.

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