Four shot, two dead in Pigtown shooting

BALTIMORE - Friends arrived and reacted to the news even six hours into the crime scene at the corner of South Carey and Carroll Streets in Pigtown.

Four were shot in the home, police say William Monroe and Meghan Kerrigan were killed; the young couple's baby, their first, miraculously not injured.

"They were good people.  I just don't understand why somebody would go in the house and just randomly start shooting with a child in the bedroom with the mother and father."

Ann Sands lives just one door down and is very close with Kerrigan and Monroe.

She says the suspect busted in through this window and went on an odd shooting rampage.

"She said when the guy busted through the window, he said ‘I am the reaper.'   Then he went upstairs and started shooting," said Sands,

Neighbors say the suspect then fled, but almost immediately returned to the crime scene and sat on the couch until police arrived, they would arrest Melville Mason without incident.

Mason is well known on this block, many say he went by the name PJ and lives on the corner just below Kim Poe.

"He was one of these, he was going to rule the block.  I mean how can you rule the block.  He's only been here three years and I've lived upstairs over ten and I've never had any trouble out of anybody until he moved in," said Poe.

But why he would shoot and kill this young couple with a 17 month old baby neighbors can only guess.

There is some talk about a fight that goes back to last week, but Baltimore police will only rely on their predictable refrain that this was a targeted shooting and not random.

That proved out to be the case, but it is of little comfort for those who had to watch the scene unfold.

"My best friend is gone, her boyfriend's gone and there is a child without a mother and father.  This is sad," said Sands.

The two others that were shot this morning include Monroe's mother and a family friend.

At first, the couple's neighbor Ann Sands was taking care of their baby who again was unharmed; we are told she is now in the care of her other grandmother.

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