Police release names of officers involved in custody death

BALTIMORE - Baltimore City police released the names of officers involved in a traffic stop that left a man dead Thursday night in northeast Baltimore.

The incident involved 8 city officers and a Morgan State officer:

Jorge Omar Bernardez-Ruiz

Nicholas David Chapman

Matthew Rea Cioffi

Alex Ryan Hashagen

Eric Maurice Hinton

Danielle Angela Lewis

Derrick Dewayne Beasley

Latreese Nicole Lee

And a Morgan State officer

Police identified the man who died as Tyrone West, 43. According to police, he resisted arrest during a traffic stop on Kitmore Road Thursday evening.

A struggle ensued that included officers using batons and pepper spray. During the altercation  West went into cardiac arrest.  He was taken to an area hospital where he died.

Baltimore City police say all the city officers involved are currently on "Full Duty Status."

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