Police look for suspects in city shooting

BALTIMORE - He was just coming home from work.

The 23 year old victim who everyone called Chucky was with his best friend walking down Ridgecroft Road near Belair road in northeast Baltimore at around 12:30 this morning.

His best friend says two men came up to them and tried to rob them.

Chucky fought back, and was shot in the chest.

"Tavon ran here and got me he pulled me out of my bed by my feet and hollering Chucky, Chucky and he said Chucky had been shot so we got up and went up and went down the street and found Chucky in the street and I just grabbed him and started holding him." Arlene Joyner, a friend of the victim told ABC 2 News.

Paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital where he died early this morning.

Today everyone remembers him as a good guy who worked every day for a restaurant in Owings Mills.

He had to take care of himself after his mother died and Joyner says he was like her own son.

Joyner says she moved to this neighborhood three years ago because it was quiet.

But lately she says there have been some home break-ins, assaults and even pit bull dogs have been stolen from yards.

She says while the city has stepped up foot patrols on the west side she says it couldn't hurt over on this side of town.

"There are different things that our community need to know about and nobody is telling us and when we find out about it unless it touch our me some kind of way or somebody we need to know about this so we want it out there and we want these people to know we're not going to tolerate this and they will be found and they will be prosecuted."

City police are still looking for suspects in this case.

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