Police increase presence in southeast Baltimore

BALTIMORE - Last week, it was a murder of a southeast Baltimore bartender in her home along South Ellwood just beside Patterson Park.

Yesterday it was the report of a 12-year-old girl robbed at gunpoint  on Rose and Fairmount, just a few doors down from Bryanna Burbank.

"A very uncomfortable situation," Burbank said. "I have a young daughter living in my house I am afraid to get out of my car when I come home from work."

Because the recent crimes around here seem either targeted toward the very young, or just plain random; both incredibly scary scenarios for young professional families who bought in to what Baltimore was selling.

"I am feeling like I want to move and get as far away from here as possible," said Burbank.

That opinion is just as scary to the city and police department.

It is why people in Southeast Baltimore will begin seeing what the department calls an unmistakable presence of police in the area.

That push is in direct response to the recent spike in violent crime and is scheduled to begin Friday night.

"You know we never discuss operational numbers, we don't want the bad guys to know what we are doing, but what I can tell you is you are going to see a dramatic increase in the number of marked vehicles that are out on the street and there will be a significant number of unmarked vehicles you won't see," said Baltimore police spokesman Lt. Eric Kowalczyk.

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