Monae Turnage's mother responds to guilty plea


It's been just over a year since 13-year-old Monae Turnage died just a few blocks from her mother's home.

She'd been visiting two boys on Cliftview Avenue. Police say one of them found a rifle in the home, and shot Turnage apparently by accident.

Then police say Veronica Alford, the mother of one of the boys, helped them hide Monae Turnage's body, and the rifle.

"Her role in it was to cover up everything so that nobody would be charged with anything," Edith Turnage said.

It didn't work.

The next day, Monae's uncle David Wright found her not far from home, buried under some trash bags.

"What kind of mother would do something like that to a child- anybody's child," Turnage said.

And prosecutors say Monae Turnage was still alive after the shooting; instead of calling for help, they say Veronica Alford and the boys tried to cover up what had happened to her.

"And suffer by herself with nobody. None of us, none of my family, nothing- just lay there. When they could have called somebody," Turnage said.

The boys have both been prosecuted in juvenile court.

Edith Turnage and her brother say Veronica Alford did not appear to show any remorse as she entered her guilty plea.

"She confessed because the conclusive evidence was against her and there was no was no way around it," David Wright said.

Prosecutors say Alford's DNA was found on Monae Turnage's clothing.

The "accessory after the fact" charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

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