Man receives 35 years for shooting man


Baltimore City Circuit Court sentenced a 21 year old man to 35 years in prison for shooting a man during what was going to be a drug deal.
According to the State Attorney's office, on February 26 Judge David W. Young sentenced Cameron Williams, 21, from the 600 block of North Schroeder Avenue to 35 years jail time for shooting a man four times after the victim arrived on Williams' property to sell drugs to Williams on February 22, 2011.
Williams allegedly shot the victim after a verbal argument erupted.  According to the report, Williams shot the victim once in the front of his body and three times in the back.  The victim survived the gunshots.
Baltimore City police were able to recover a 9 mm AMT .380 handgun a few blocks away from William's residence.  Firearms examiners were able to match the gun to a bullet recovered from the victim.
According to state law, the handgun violation carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years without a chance for parole.
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