Man arrested, charged for setting fire in Baltimore Circuit Court

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Where there's smoke, there's a bike pump burning in the microwave, or so Baltimore City deputies discovered.

A Baltimore man was arrested Wednesday for starting a fire for no particular reason inside of the Baltimore Circuit Court House, according to a release.

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The suspect, 25-year-old Rodney Miller, was present at the court house for a required appointment with his pre-trial advisor. Miller was previously charged with trespassing offenses.

Miller, a resident of the 2300 block of Druid Park Drive, entered an unoccupied office where he found a metal tire pump. Officials say Miller then placed the tire pump into a microwave, started it, and ran off.

Smoke began to fill the office and hallway.  

"This prompted an immediate protective response from sheriff's deputies who contained the situation and contacted the Baltimore City Fire Department," the release states.

Investigators "painstakingly examined" surveillance footage, which placed Miller coming and going from the smoke filled room.

Police obtained a warrant and arrested Miller, charging him with malicious burning and malicious destruction of property.

"Deputies concluded that this was a spontaneous crime of opportunity," the release states. "Miller provided no rationale for setting the fire. He explained he was not specifically targeting anyone in the Court and showed no remorse for his actions. Miller told Deputies that immediately after setting the fire he exited the Courthouse and met with a friend for lunch."

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