Man killed in double shooting in Pimlico

Baltimore police investigate murder No. 22 in 2014

BALTIMORE - Markers on the ground pinpoint the evidence in northwest Baltimore.  Crime scene tape sections off part of a block.

There are detectives.  There are witnesses. And there's at least one upset neighbor who doesn't understand why there is such hostility in Charm City. 

"I don't know who got hit but it's sad," said David Johnson, who lives four homes down.    

Baltimore police Tuesday announced the investigation of murder No. 22 in first four weeks of 2014. 

David Johnson thinks he knows the people in the blue house, located on the 5200 block of Denmore Avenue in his Pimlico neighborhood.

"I don't know what's going on.  I don't know why people are acting so hostile," said Johnson. 

Johnson heard the gunshots around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon.  But he can only guess what lead up to it makes no sense. Two men were shot Monday night. One of the victims died Tuesday.

"In my opinion, you need more activities for people.  Not just the kids.  Adults need something to do, too," said Johnson.    

As police look behind the home, talk to neighbors and search for clues, Johnson is hoping his city takes a turn.  

"Stop the killing," he said. "There's no reason for somebody to lose their life.  We're already having hard times paying bills, feeding people.  No need for people to lose their lives too." 

As of Tuesday night, there's no motive and no suspect.  But if you can help police solve this case, you're asked to call: 410-396-2100.



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