Cross-dressing crooks attack a man in Mount Vernon

BALTIMORE, Md. - It's been almost a week.  Mark Fortino is still fired up.

"I felt violated.  I was angry.  I was ready to rip their throats out," said Fortino.    

He says it started with violence against him.  Fortino was unloading his car in the 700 block of Park Ave. when he thought teenaged girls attacked him.

"They hit me with pepper spray on the side of the face, my arm, and my neck," said Fortino.     

But they only hit him in one eye.  The teens tried to take his bag, but Fortino could still see enough to get a glimpse at men, not women.

The President of the Mount Vernon Association Jason Curtis says cross-dressing men with pepper spray have become more common in the area.

"We are aware that there have been a couple of incidents in the neighborhood.  We are working very closely with our Citizens on Patrol group," said Curtis.          

Baltimore police are also investigating.  Fortino's neighbors say the attackers know what they're doing.

"No offense but if I was being approached by a group of women, or what appears to be women, I would never have the thought of I'm getting ready to be mugged," said Ronnie Larrimore, who lives in Mount Vernon.      

Mark Scott is thinking about it.  A letter from a property owner has gone out with the warning.

"I just make sure no one gets within a six foot radius of me, personally.  And you have to, I just go in the street.  If people get too close, then I just go in the street," said Scott.    

Fortino's reaction may keep the attackers from coming back.  But he's still doing his part and telling neighbors.

"If I would have caught one, I would probably be in jail now," said Fortino.     

Eren Properties sent out a letter that says there have been four similar attacks.  But we are waiting on police, who tonight confirm they are investigating the incident involving Fortino.


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