City violence continues, 300 men march

BALTIMORE - The shootings and homicides and stabbings are finally down to a trickle, but the bullets don't come out of the chamber any slower.

So when Kasim Williams' mother called to tell him she heard 5 shots out her back window in Northeast Baltimore, he came over right away.

"I don't know what it felt like.  I can't say it hurt, I can't say it bothered me.  It's like my heart went from here to here thinking the bullets were so close to her."

And now the next day having to look at the crime scene behind her house; a squad car is parked in their alley, other officers on a porch.

At least two more men were shot here in the 5800 block of Moore's Run Court Sunday night; the latest spate of violence quite literally almost in Councilman Brandon Scott's backyard…hitting home.

"It just shows that no one is immune to it, no one can escape it.  Even though this is a random incident in a very quiet neighborhood, it's still very unfortunate for me and my neighbors and it just shows we have a lot of work to do."

Coincidentally it's the home where a lot of this violence starts Scott says and he hopes it's a view thousands of other Baltimore men share as they plan to walk west to east along North.

"North Avenue is the belly of the beast.  If its east and west you know a lot of violence happens around North Avenue so if you're going to stand up against violence, you go where the violence is," said Scott.

Scott is backing what is called the 300 men march in Baltimore this coming Friday.

While the title is a play on a recent popular movie, he and the organizers expect thousands.

Baltimore men and only men will be starting at Hilton and North Avenue Friday evening and marching five miles across the city; a show of force sparked by the last week of violence in Baltimore city.

"We have to send a message that pretty much, young folks have to chill out.  A lot of this stuff going on is not acceptable.  As men we don't accept it.  We have children, we have families that need to be safe," said organizer Munir Bahar.

A message they hope is as loud as it will be obvious.

The 300 men march is scheduled for this Friday at 7 pm.

The organizers have been relying mostly on social media to get the word out, you can find more details about it with the hash tag #300menmarch.

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