BPD announces quadruple shooting arrest

BALTIMORE - City police say they're making progress in ending the rash of shootings that began three weeks ago, but they have much more work to do.

On Tuesday the police commissioner announced the department had a man in custody in connection with a quadruple shooting last week in West Baltimore.

That shooting happened Thursday; all four people were shot in front of a home on North Carrollton Avenue.

It was one of several shootings in that same neighborhood this summer.  Two earlier incidents on Bennett Place caused police to close off that street; in a news conference Police Commissioner Anthony Batts described it all as a bloody kind of family feud.

"This is a modern-day Hatfields and McCoys," he said.

The commissioner said the victims from the Bennett Place shootings and the North Carrollton Avenue shootings all knew each other -- and he says they knew Lamont Jones -- who is now in custody.

Police say Jones and another man were dressed in construction vests and hats when they pulled out a handgun and started shooting.

All four victims are expected to survive.

"I think we still have a couple more layers of this onion that we need to peel and I think that what you will see is it all stems from this neighborhood, this community, people who know each other," the commissioner said.

Police are still searching for 25-year-old Darryl Anderson, who they describe as "public enemy number one."
The commissioner said Anderson may have been involved in a violent home invasion that happened early Monday morning at the Eagle's Walk apartments off Rossville Boulevard in Baltimore County.

He already faces murder charges in a triple shooting that happened in June, on Elmora Avenue in Northeast Baltimore.

Three days later, investigators say Anderson broke into a home on Moore's Run Court, and shot a man during the course of a robbery.

And police in Baltimore County say last year Anderson shot and killed a man in the parking lot of the now-closed "Tee Bee's" bar in Parkville.

"He's an enforcer or a hitman for Black Guerilla Family," Commissioner Batts said.  "He's a guy who is probably tied to a number of very violent incidents not just that one, but a series of incidents that are out there."

The commissioner said investigators have been getting tips from people who live in West Baltimore.

He says they've also gotten tips on possible sightings of Darryl Anderson, but he still has not been arrested.

The announcement comes on the heels of a city-wide crackdown on violence. Since June 21 there have been 73 shootings, at least one of which also involved a stabbing. Year-to-date, there have been more than 120 murders in Baltimore City.




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