Botched robbery in Baltimore corner grocery ends in gunfire

On one of the meanest of the mean streets of Southwest Baltimore, police turned out in numbers less than 24 hours after the double-shooting at the Latino American Deli and Grocery on South Smallwood Street.
"There was some sort of altercation between the suspects and the owners of the store, people working in the store, and during the span of that altercation, two of the employees were shot.," said Deputy Police Commissioner John Skinner.
A woman too afraid to show her face on camera says some of her family members with small children narrowly got out of the store before the shots rang out that killed 49-year old Jose Abreu and injured a female co-worker.
"They go there every day on their way home from school to buy the kids a snack and left out the store and within 30 seconds after them leaving out the store, it happened."
Some people have left stuffed animals and balloons to show their respect for the victims.
"Last month I gave them a Christmas card you know," said William Cross, a regular customer, "I'll go to the store."
Others say the business took advantage of customers overcharging some who could least afford it.
"His wife charges one price and he charges another price, and it probably comes from a lot of animosity you have in that store," said Jones Bay, "You can't come into people's neighborhood and treat them like that."
But in a neighborhood where police are kept busy, there's no way of knowing if this was personal or simply a crime of opportunity.
"That's the worst I've seen it around this neighborhood," said Cross, "It's number one.  I guess you'd call it number one around this area.  It's a hot place in this area."
"Got to watch your back?"
"All of the time out here."
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