Bel Air woman arrested for drugs a week earlier

BALTIMORE - Long before she allegedly led police on a chase through Baltimore City into Baltimore County, 25-year old Alycia Hoffman has already become quite familiar to police.

Hoffman was a passenger in the car driven by Ashley Albers who was high on methadone, Xanax and amphetamines in July of 2011 when her car crossed the center line on Route 543 in Bel Air and t-boned another vehicle killing a 64-year old woman.

Neighbors say while she was recovering from her injuries sustained in that crash, Hoffman moved in with her grandparents in Bel Air.

It appears they own the car involved in Wednesday's crash, which had Fraternal Order of Police tags.

"I've seen his plate, but I did hear at one time many years ago that he used to be a sheriff," said Bill Olfson, one of the suspect's neighbors.

Along with a conviction for stealing from a CVS store in Bel Air a few months before the fatal crash, Hoffman also had racked up a slew of traffic violations, and she was arrested in Baltimore City on a marijuana possession charge just last week.

"I'm not surprised anymore about who gets caught up in what," said Olfson, "It could be from 10 years old all the way up to 90 years old caught up in... I'm not surprised at all in the sense of age groups getting caught up in drugs."

Police say she was caught up in yet another drug deal when they interrupted her Wednesday, but faced with another bust, she refused to surrender, opting instead to run, placing a pair of officers in harm's way.

Hoffman now faces drug charges, a series of traffic charges and a two counts of second degree assault on law enforcement officers.

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