Baltimore Police take lead in search for missing 29-year-old airman

BALTIMORE - It's been three full days now since anyone saw a sign of the 29-year-old Evan Curbeam.

Curbeam is an active airman based out of Andrews Air Force Base and was living in Baltimore County.

His father David said to go this long without hearing from him is not only odd but just simply not in his DNA.

"[He is] very regimented in what he does," David Curbeam said. "He has a very kind of strict routine on how he does things, that's why this is so surprising. But he is a good person, the kind of person people want to be around."

And he always had people around him including the night anyone last saw him.

Curbeam and his group of friends left the bar Bond Street Social in Fells Point walking north.

At 1:30 a.m., his friends decided to go to one more bar, but Curbeam wanted to go to his car parked at Eastern and Broadway and go home.

That intersection is exactly where police would find the vehicle the next day seemingly untouched, but no sign of Curbeam, who never picked up his daughter as scheduled Saturday.

That was the beginning of his family's concern, trumped only by that moment when their calls started going straight to voicemail.

"I mean it just, it changed everything because you know. You just know something is wrong," his father said.

Baltimore County Police are operating under that suspicion too, working with Baltimore City but still neither department generating any leads they are ready to talk about.

"We will comb every investigative resource made available to us and of course we always work cooperatively with the Baltimore City Police Department," Baltimore County police spokesman Lt. Robert McCullough said.

But late Tuesday afternoon, Baltimore City police announced it is now the lead in this case and conducted at least one search of the harbor near Fells Point hoping to find some clue in this apparent vanishing. The department's homicide unit is investigating, but say they're still looking at this as a missing person's case.

"It's eating me up inside not knowing where he is and what he might be going through. It's rough, it's just rough," Curbeam's father said.

The D.C. National Guard released a statement thanking both Baltimore City and Baltimore County police department's for their ongoing efforts in their search for Curbeam. The statement reads, in part, "I ask that you please keep Evan, his family, his friends and co-workers in your thoughts as we work towards his safe return."

Fells Point on a Friday night, early Saturday morning is a very busy place, and police are hoping someone saw something.

If you remember seeing anything, call police at 410-396-2100.

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