City police report officer-involved shooting in East Baltimore

BALTIMORE - UPDATE -- Baltimore police have identified Shawn Baker, 39, as the officer who shot a multiple armed robbery suspect in East Baltimore.

The incident in the 3100 block of Monument Street is Baker's only police involved shooting. 

The man Baker shot is undergoing treatment at an area hospital and is expected to survive. No charges were filed as of Wednesday, Feb. 5.

ORIGINAL -- Baltimore City police said the suspect shot by an officer Monday afternoon was responsible for a spree of armed robberies that happened earlier in the day.

They said his mini-crime spree ended when an officer shot and wounded him in East Baltimore.

Two of the robberies happened the Forman Mills shopping center along Belair Road in Northeast Baltimore, officials said Monday evening.

"It could happen in daylight too. Any time," said shopper Gloria Thomas.  "I heard stuff like that so I do it in the day time I don't do it at night."

After another robbery officers tried to stop the suspect's car -- but he drove South, ending up in East Baltimore.

He took a left hand-turn on to the 2800 block of East Chase Street, but that street is a dead end.

The officers left their patrol car and tried and take him into custody.  Instead:,  "the suspect drove into a dead end, turned around, and started to come at the officers," said Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez, of the Baltimore Police Department.

One officer fired into the suspect's car, striking him at least once.  But he managed to drive away again.

On Chase Street officers said they found items that had been stolen in those recent robberies.

The suspect, bleeding from gunshot wounds, made it as far as the 3100 block of East Monument Street.

Investigators said they found a loaded gun and more stolen items inside the car after rescue crews took him to the hospital.

"The officers did everything they could to bring this to a peaceful end.  This individual chose the outcome," Rodriguez said.

The four armed robberies that police have linked to that suspect were Monday at that Forman Mills store, along with the Food Depot grocery store in that same shopping center on Belair Road.

There was another armed robbery at the CVS on Belair Road not far from there.

And another a store called "Rainbow" in the Erdman Shopping Center.

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