Baltimore police officer injured in I-83 crash

BALTIMORE - Maryland State Trooper Jacqueline Kline is out of the hospital; lucky and grateful to survive after she was struck by a vehicle while doing her job along route 100 in Anne Arundel County, but as she comes out of Shock Trauma, another officer from our community goes in for the same kind of accident.

"Last night an officer was investigating a car accident on Interstate 83.  While he was investigating the accident he was struck, his vehicle was struck in the rear by another car," said Baltimore Police Sergeant Sarah Connolly.

That officer was admitted to Shock Trauma with neck and back injuries but is expected to be OK.

He is not the first, and the Baltimore city Police Department doesn't expect he will be the last.

Since June of 2011 when Officer Teresa Rigby was struck while attending a disabled car along 83, BPD says there have been four other officers injured while working stops along that interstate.

The narrow shoulders and high speed traffic make it especially dangerous to do the work sometimes officers just have to do.

"Our concern on 83 is the speed.  However, like anything else, if they do move over, if they do slow down, if we do take the precautions that are necessary,  that would keep further accidents from occurring," Connolly said.

Move.  Over.

It is literally the law and if followed police say it would have prevented these latest two accidents.

It is why state troopers took to highways earlier this week to enforce the move over law.

The spot enforcement was in response to Trooper Kline's accident but also to drill the message into the public; move over if you see an emergency or distressed vehicle on the side of the road.

State troopers ended up issuing 335 citations and 484 warnings Monday to drivers who did not heed the move over law.

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