Baltimore police arrested 6 in another Black Guerilla Family raid

BALTIMORE - Baltimore City Police are continuing their intense focus on the Black Guerilla Family street gang.

Six more people were arrested in a sweep of East Baltimore Tuesday morning, to go along with dozens picked up last week.

"This is part of our continued effort to dismantle the Black Guerilla Family using drug conspiracy and related charges," Deputy Commissioner Dean Palmere of the Baltimore City Police Department said.

All of the suspects were taken to Central Booking, which will process some 60,000 detainees this year.

In April, federal prosecutors indicted Black Guerilla Family members and several correctional officers who conspired to help them.

The FBI found that BGF had taken over the Baltimore City Detention Center and its related facilities, which include Central Boooking.

Seven months later – the new raids are bringing new BGF members into the system.

In an e-mail, Rick Binetti, a spokesman for the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, said, "The Central Region (which includes Baltimore) has heightened security protocols throughout its institutions - detention and prison - monitoring for any BGF related issues that may arise as a result of the influx of additional gang members."

Binetti says since the indictments in April, the department's internal investigative unit has been revamped, with new resources added.

Binetti says all incoming BGF members will be housed apart from other inmates. And indicted BGF members will be dispersed to other jails outside of Baltimore "as necessary."

Baltimore defense attorney Warren Brown represented a BGF associate in federal court. He says it would be nearly impossible to completely suppress their activity inside Central Booking.

"That's just the way of life in there. Understanding that some guys have greater sway than others and that they tend to be associated with this BGF," he said.

And he said all the extra security precautions won't help much. "It may send a message that if you belong to BGF we're going hard on you from the moment you get in here," he said. "What it will probably do is give rise to a swelling in the ranks of the other gangs because BGF are the ones on the radar screen."

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