17 homicides in 17 days in Baltimore

BALTIMORE - Baltimore Police cannot tell us much about this city's latest murder victim but they can tell us where they found the body at 6:55 Friday morning.

In an alley off Ilchester, just two blocks off Greenmount, the blood colored puddle marked the spot just below a spray painted message that read ‘Peace be upon you.'

Purposeful or ironic we don't know, but peace here is nowhere to be found.

"Yeah it's hard to kind of internalize.  It's hard to process," said John Henderson, who lives nearby.

Henderson is raising his family with two kids in the house that backs up to the scene, his youngest child's bedroom overlooks the alley.

He says his wife heard what could have been shots last night which meant the body could have been lying in their alley all night.

"it's not a statistic right, there are real young men and women that have passed away but in this case it is so close to home that it's ah, very different.  It's real and it's tangible," Henderson said.

Friday morning's homicide marks number 17 for Baltimore City on the 17th day of the New Year; a frustrating and scary pace for the Baltimore Police Department.

"I think you captured it perfectly, this agency is frustrated, we're angry at the pace of violence, it is unacceptable and it has to stop," said Lt. Eric Kowolczyk, a Baltimore police spokesman.

Because so far the motives and locations to 2014's murders seem random to police for the most part and have them repeating the familiar refrain of asking the public for its help.

This as the department moves forward with its crime plan and banking on it to quell the violence.

"We are returning to our basics here, gun, gangs and violent repeat offenders.  That's our focus, that's what we are going to be looking at, that is the strategy we are going to be moving forward with," Kowolczyk said.

Hoping it eventually slows this frenzied and violent one murder a day pace Baltimore has been on for more than two weeks.

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