Baltimore County and city police investigating several sexual assault cases

BALTIMORE - In the city, four women were sexually assaulted by a man still at large. Police believe the cases may be connected. 

Each time, it happened within four days of the next, one of just many characteristics allowing city detectives to identify a trend.

"They believe based on the similarities of the cases that this is the same individual responsible for these crimes.  Again they are pursuing the evidence that they have, they are developing some pretty substantial leads and they hope that will lead them to a suspect," said Baltimore Police  Lt. Eric Kowalczyk.

But now, there may be new information from across the city line.

Baltimore County Police are investigating a similar assault that happened on Plainview Road in Rosedale last Monday.

"The victim went outside to walk her dog and the suspect approached her on her patio, displayed a gun, threatened her with the weapon, forced her back inside the house where he sexually assaulted her," said Baltimore County Police Spokesperson Elise Armacost.

The suspect, also described as a black male with a mask on, then ran out of the house and escaped into a nearby wooded area.

County police say they had their K-9 unit search the area but they turned up nothing.

Certainly aware of the four cases in the city, county detectives are now working in concert with city police.

"Clearly city and county boundaries are important to us but they are somewhat arbitrary to someone who might be committing a crime so obviously we will work with any jurisdiction in the surrounding area in an incident that we have where there are similarities and clearly in this case that is something we are going to look at," Kowalczyk  said.

Neither police department is saying their cases are connected, but they are similar enough to compare notes on a suspect forcing women back into their own homes at gunpoint to sexually assaulting them.

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