4 arrested in deadly downtown stabbing

BALTIMORE - Four young men are in custody -- charged with stabbing a man to death in the middle of Downtown Baltimore.

The shoes hanging at the corner of Eagle and Pulaski streets in Southwest Baltimore are a tribute to Jerod Gilmore -- who friends called Reddz.

"He was a good person man, a good kind-hearted person," said a friend, who identified himself only as "Turk."

Police say around 9:00 Friday night a fight broke out near the corner of North Calvert and Baltimore streets, three blocks north of the Inner Harbor.

When it ended Gilmore was bleeding on the sidewalk; he had been stabbed several times.  Rescue crews took him to Shock Trauma where he died.

"Even the old ladies around here when he'd see them, he would help them with their bags and things of that nature you feel me? He was just a good dude," said another friend, who called himself "Dee."

Darian Hyman, 20, Randolph McLean, 19 , Royal Quinn, 18 Ronald Carroll, 16, all face charges -- as adults -- of first and second degree murder and assault in connection with Gilmore's death.

Charging documents indicate that city police were able to see the entire incident from a city watch camera; the suspects were identified, and police found them a short time after the fight.

"He did everything for anybody. Doesn't matter if he liked you or he didn't," Turk said.

According to the charging documents, police also found a switch-blade at the scene; friends say Gilmore never carried one.  They say he wasn't the type of person to start a fight -- but he would defend himself.

"Some people judge a book by its cover and look at him, just think because he's young he's a bad guy just in the neighborhood but anybody that sits down and actually have a conversation with him, would see that he really had his head on straight," Dee said.

Police have not said why they believe the fight started; Jarod Gilmore's friends say they don't know why he was Downtown on Friday -- they say normally he stayed with them in Southwest Baltimore on Friday nights.

This Friday, they'll be holding a vigil for him on Pulaski and Eagle streets.

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