Weapons seized after school incident


Police in Anne Arundel County seized an arsenal of weapons from a man who police say snuck into a high school earlier this week.

The weapons include an AK-47, an Uzi, several pistols including one with a laser sight, and another with a silencer, along with magazines full of ammunition.

It was all taken from a home on Eiderdown Road, not far from Ordinance Road in Glen Burnie.

The man who lives there has been identified as 25-year-old Justin Beaumont.

He attended North County High School back in 2002, but only for two months.

Police say he went back to the school on Monday, and was trying to open several doors.

Then he followed a school employee inside through a door near the loading dock.

"The male who came in waited until the door was nearly closed and was able to quickly approach the door before it was completely secured, and was able to get inside the school," said Lt. Doyle Batten of the Anne Arundel County Police Department.

Police say he had no weapons with him, and he didn't threaten anyone.

"But his manner and his demeanor just seemed odd," Lt. Batten said.

So they searched his vehicle, and found a holster.  Eventually, police searched the home, and found all those weapons.

That, plus the behavior at the school, is why Beaumont has been referred to Sheppard Pratt Hospital while authorities determine what to do next.

A neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said she never noticed anything odd about him.  "He's a nice man actually.  He's a nice man.  Really nice and sweet.  He looked perfectly healthy," she said.

Students at North County High School found out about the arrest after a letter was sent home.  "I was in gym today, and they said somebody came in the school.  Next thing you know I heard somebody got arrested in there," said North County Junior Darrius Moore.

Anne Arundel County police say Beaumont legally purchased and owns all of the weapons they found.

But they say after what happened in Newtown, Connecticut last year they have to respond to potential threats.

"Post-Connecticut, we have got to recognize as an agency as a nation as a state, that our school children, we have to take these kind of precautionary thorough investigative steps to make sure that we do everything we can to keep them safe," Lt. Batten said.

Justin Beaumont is charged only with trespassing, a misdemeanor.  But the mental evaluation that's been ordered could keep him in custody longer than the 90-day sentence that charge would carry.

If he does manage to be released, he would have to go through another legal process of applying to get them back.

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