TSA agents find blades in shoes at BWI

Passenger still allowed to board flight.

Maryland Transportation Authority police at BWI Airport found two razor blades hidden in a pair of raggedy running shoes, although the passenger who owned the shoes was still allowed to board his flight.

"In the past it's usually the passenger tries to conceal [the blades]. … "We do not believe that was the case this time,"  TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said.  

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A TSA agent Tuesday noticed the two "box cutter-type blades" embedded in shoes in a passenger's carry-on bag as it passed through a checkpoint x-ray machine at Baltimore Washington-Thurgood Marshall International Airport , according to a release.

"Officials had to pull apart the sole of one of the shoes to remove the blades," the release states. "During the police investigation, it was determined that the blades appeared to have been manufactured into the sole of the shoe for the right foot. The passenger was permitted to catch his flight."

The two blades, which appear to be a little over an inch in size, are noticeably dirty, much like the shoes they were pulled from. Farbstein described them as "rusty."

"They could've been in there for a long time," she added.

TSA agents on average see 1.8 million passengers with luggage daily, according to the release.


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