Police seize more than 30 guns from Pasadena home

ATF determining if weapons were legal

PASADENA, Md. - Neighbors along Hilltop Road in Pasadena say their quiet water front community turned into a veritable parking lot of police cars and tactical units Tuesday morning as the joint investigation between Anne Arundel County and Baltimore City Police came to a head.

The target was the home of 45 year old John Thompson.

The heavy police presence a reaction to Baltimore Police intelligence of weapons inside the home, later found to be a stash of 34 including assault rifles with scopes; some of which the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms says was manufactured by Thompson himself.

Based on an internal police memo, the Associated Press is reporting some of those weapons were perched near windows along with a high powered rifle with a sight located at the front door pointing toward the street.        

So far though, Thompson faces just drug charges but police say they have plenty more to look into.

"Assault style weapons.  AK-47s, AR-15s, also some handguns, ammunition and body armor.  At this point it is still under investigation and we're still trying to determine the legality surrounding those weapons.  There are no charges at this point involving those weapons," said Anne Arundel County Spokesperson Justin Mulcahy.

The ATF says it is currently testing those seized weapons at its lab in West Virginia but preliminarily, it looks as if Thompson manufactured them legally and has the right to own them.

Legal or not the details of the case have some who live in the community frightened; some mothers telling ABC2 News that the bus stop their children use is just a few houses down from Thompson's home.

But there is no law that can predict intent and authorities say the gun cache they seized may very well prove to be legal in Maryland right now and could only press gun charges if Thompson was selling them illegally.

Still, the amount of weaponry and where they were found in his home continues to fuel further investigation.

"It is unclear at this point why they were in various locations of the home, again we are still investigating the legality surrounding those weapons," said Mulcahy.

Until then, Thompson is out on bail charged only with possessing and intending to sell marijuana.

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