Police say woman was texting when she hit motorcyclist

GAMBRILLS, Md. - Chances are Elizabeth Meyers didn't plan to kill someone on March 10.

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Anne Arundel County Police said Meyers was texting and driving when she crossed over Route 3 in Gambrills, striking 30-year-old Jonathan Roberts as he rode his motorcycle.

"This was a preventable death. It didn't need to happen," Police chief Kevin Davis said.

The State's Attorney was able to gather enough evidence to charge the 20-year-old Meyers. An eye-witness said they saw Meyers with one hand on the wheel and her phone raised. Data from the phone supported the witness's statement.

It happened almost seven months ago when texting at the wheel was still a secondary offense.

It's the first time Anne Arundel County will prosecute a case for manslaughter caused by a texting driver. 

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