Police: Del. Don Dwyer attacked by knife-wielding neighbor

PASADENA, Md. - A little more than a day before Delegate Don Dwyer was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence , a police report reveals the Republican lawmaker was the victim of a violent altercation at the hands of a neighbor.

According to an Anne Arundel County police report, Brian Lucabaugh, 49, of the 1600 block of Twickenham Road in Pasadena, allegedly threatened Dwyer with a knife, commanded his dog to attack him and chased him off a pier.

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Police said officers were called to Dwyer's house at 3:25 p.m. Sunday for a report of a man armed with a knife that was threatening to stab someone. Witnesses told police  Lucabaugh hit Dwyer and knocked him to a pier. The suspect then allegedly had his 100-pound American bulldog bite Dwyer before the delegate was thrown into the water.

Dwyer told police that he was cleaning crab pots at his home when Lucabaugh asked if he would clean his crab pots too. Lucabaugh then returned a short time later without the pots and offered Dwyer a cigarette, which he refused, according to the report.

That apparently enraged Lucabaugh, Dwyer told police, who then reportedly threw the cigarette into the water, smacked Dwyer across the face and shoved him down the pier. It was at that point that, according to the report, Lucabaugh's dog bit Dwyer before the Anne Arundel Republican was thrown into the water.

Dwyer told police he then swam away from Lucabaugh, who appeared psychotic  and repeatedly called Dwyer "the devil."  Police believe that Lucabaugh was under the influence of PCP, which he ingested by smoking cigarettes that he dipped into the drug

According to the police report, Lucabaugh allegedly was attempting to get Dwyer to unknowingly smoke a PCP-laced cigarette prior to the incident. Police said Lucabaugh resisted arrest , violently kicking and swinging at officers.

Lucabaugh was charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, resisting arrest  and drug possession, according to online court records.





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