NJ police detective is charged with first degree murder for road rage incident

Millersville, Md. - We were on the scene the night of June 8 th to see a minivan police say Joseph Walker was driving when he fired a .45 glock and killed Joe Harvey.  Second degree murder and manslaughter were the original charges. 

Now, a grand jury in Anne Arundel County adds first degree murder for the New Jersey police detective.   

"I think he intended on killing Joe when he got out of the car," said Jennie Jones, the victim's friend.     

We went back to the home where Harvey lived for the past 20 years with Jennie Jones, who was like a second mom.  Jones showed us the last text message she received from Joe who expressed concern for her family. 

Harvey bought a home in Halethorpe a month before the road rage that took his life.

"I can't understand what provoked it so bad because Joe was a truck driver.  I mean he would come home and the stuff he would put up with.  You know all the time like people cutting him off," said Jones.   

Police say the truck driver and police detective pulled over on the I-97 North ramp, when Walker's minivan cut off Harvey's car.  A guy in the car with Harvey says Walker pointed a gun at them. 

Walker's lawyer said Harvey initiated the fight and he had to protect his family.

"I know Joe was cut off.  I know they were going back and forth at each other, but what made the guy get out with a gun and shoot him," said Jones.    

It was a fit of rage where no one wins.  Walker is out of jail on a million dollars, but if found guilty he could get a life sentence.

"I just think Joe's not here anymore and he shouldn't enjoy his self either," said Jones.    

Walker has an arraignment hearing on August 19th.  Friends of Harvey say they will be in the courtroom as the long list of charges is read to him.


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