Millersville man arrested after getting caught having sex at wildlife expo

Authorities in South Carolina have arrested and charged an Anne Arundel County man after finding him engaged in sex in a public park.

According to a police report, 19-year-old Brian Joseph Williams, a College of Charleston student from Millersville, was arrested yesterday in Charleston and charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, disobeying a lawful order and resisting arrest.

The incident report shows Williams and an unknown woman were spotted having sex inside a tent at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. The officer who spotted them says he told them to stop 3-4 times, the pair left the tent only to sneak into another tent and start all over again. The report says Williams and his companion smelled of alcohol and were unsteady on their feet.

Police say Williams and the unidentified woman tried to flee. Williams also reportedly resisted arrest, according to the report.  The officer who made the arrest indicates Williams had to be laid down and pulled inside the police cruiser because he wouldn't get in voluntarily.

Williams is due to appear in court in South Carolina on February 19th.

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