Man charged for making bombing threats


Police in Anne Arundel County have arrested a man who they say threatened a Boston marathon-like bombing. 
At about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday police received a 911 call from a man who said "I'm from Boston and I'm going to blow some more stuff up."  The caller then hung up. 
The 911 dispatcher began researching calls in the area where the came originated from, the 1300 block of Broadview Blvd. The dispatcher noted several past calls for service using the same cell phone. 
Police went to the residence where they found Ronald William Smith, 59, who admitted placing the call and said that it was not true. Smith was charged with false statement of a destructive device, telephone misuse and arson threats. 
Police searched Smith's home where they found no indications of bomb making materials nor evidence of terrorism. 
Chief Tolliver said, "I want to thank our communications section for quickly identifying this suspect. I also want to thank our Northern District officers who worked quickly to arrest this individual to ease any potential of public fear."
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