Father looks for answers in son's hit-and-run death


A father looks for answers after his son was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Pasadena.

It's been said that this is the deadliest road to live on.

Mike Marion knows that all too well. His son Skylar was walking along mountain road with two other friends when a car struck two of them.  Skylar was killed. 

"When I got there I expected to see a car. Nothing…he didn't even stop; he drove off," Mike Marion, Skylar's father, said.

Mike says there's a need for a sidewalk.

 "They widened the road and took care of the drivers but what about the kids. they have no place to walk," Marion said.

Joe Freeman's daughter Joanna was one of the friends walking with Skylar.  Joe is still wearing the hospital bracelet from visiting Skylar in Maryland Shock Trauma.

"Mike lost his son.  It could have been my daughter that didn't make it," Joe Freeman said.

Skylar's dad will not stop until there are answers. The driver didn't even stop to help Marion's son or Freeman's daughter. 

"You gotta come back (and) do the right thing. I won't stop; I'll keep looking. It will haunt you forever," Marion said.

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