Anne Arundel County Police arrest 5 on heroin related charges

Operation HOPE nets thousands of dollars in drugs

A special Anne Arundel County police task force arrested five men in three separate incidents, charging them with heroin related offenses, the department announced in a release.

The department calls its Operation HOPE , or Heroin Overdose Prevention and Eradication. The initiative to target heroin abusers was launched in November after police noticed a spike in overdoses from the drug.

Officers assigned to the unit seized several thousand dollars' worth of heroin in cocaine from the three busts on Thursday, Feb. 6.

Officers were first dispatched to the 100 block of Mitchells Chance Road in Edgewater. Police arrested Joseph Andrew Gaetano, 22, of the 400 block of Walton Road in Huntington, Md., after discovering a plethora of drugs and drug paraphernalia in his car.

Police noted officers found a warm spoon and a makeshift tourniquet in the Ford Explorer near Gaetano.

Later in the day, police again arrested a man sitting in his car with a copious amount of drug paraphernalia.

Officers said they found Adam Scott Konsistorum, 27, of the 1100 block of August Drive in Annapolis, holding a syringe.

"Upon searching the vehicle, the officers located a capsule containing suspected heroin on the floorboard, another folded up piece of paper containing suspected heroin and 29 syringes," the release stated.

Operation HOPE's third bust of the day yielded three arrests from the 2500 block of Riva Road in Annapolis.

Operation HOPE officers approached Sean Salisbury, 44, sitting in a car in a Best Western parking lot. He was arrested after officers happened upon material used to ingest crack cocaine, the release states.

While interviewing Salisbury, police saw another man come out of one of the Best Western hotel rooms. Police said the man dropped a small bag containing to smaller "baggies" of cocaine. Dewayne Adrian Mason, 35, was arrested and transported along with Salisbury to the South District precinct for processing.

"Operation HOPE officers along with the Special Enforcement Section obtained and executed a search warrant for the hotel room," the release states. "Located inside was 21.6 grams of heroin with a value $2,592 and 30 grams of cocaine with a value of $2,700. Another person related to the two suspects, Franklin Mason, was also arrested for open warrant for possession w/ intent to distribute CDS."

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