AA County Police plan to increase patrols of "The Pit" behind Broadneck High School

Man faces weapons charges; fight posted on YouTube

Police in Anne Arundel County say they'll be stepping up patrols in an area behind Broadneck High School known as "The Pit."

A video was posted on YouTube earlier this month, that shows two young people fighting near the intersection of Chestnut Tree Drive and Southview Drive in Cape St. Claire.

That is directly behind the high school, but just off school property.

"So no one can really get in trouble by the school, but the cops still come by and patrol it," said John Huverly, who used to go to Broadneck.

Last year, in January -- another fight in the exact same location ended with one Broadneck student being air-lifted to Shock Trauma.

And now this week -- another arrest.  David Mahanes, 23, was taken into custody Tuesday morning by Anne Arundel County Police.

He was found at "The Pit" in his car with two 15-year-old girls who attend Broadneck High School.

In his car, police say they found drug paraphernalia, and six weapons including a knife with a 14-inch blade, a hatchet-style knife and a curved "boot" knife.

Mahanes faces drug and weapons charges; the girls each face juvenile charges.

Anne Arundel County Police say they'll step up patrols in the area near the intersection before and after school.

"I think it's better, so not that many people are going to get in trouble. I mean they'll probably find a new place," Huverly said.

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