2 charged in school copper thefts

Anne Arundel County Police have arrested two people for the theft of about 300 feet worth of copper cable from County schools and parks facilities. 
On December 8, officers received a report that 300 feet of copper wire had been stolen from the Poplar Ridge Park in Pasadena. The theft was similar to others that had been reported in county parks and county school facilities throughout the county since June 2012. 
During that time, someone took copper wire from athletic field light poles, rendering them inoperable for sports activities. The damages to both school and park facilities have been estimated at $147,000. 
Detectives developed a person of interest during the investigation and made contact with Michael Allen Dunlop, 27, when the December 3 theft was reported. It is believe that the two suspects, Dunlop and Dawn Marie Schofield, 41, are responsible for multiple light pole wire thefts, however, detectives are still investigating. 
Dunlop was charged with the theft a Poplar Ridge Park. 
A criminal summons was issued for Schofield. Another male suspect has been identified in the thefts, but he died in November.
Anyone with any information is asked to call police at 410-222-6145. 
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