Billions of Cicadas Expected Any Day Now!

Cicadas to out number humans 600 to 1

Baltimore, MD -  

It sounds like a plot line from a low budget horror movie! The cicadas are coming- RUN!! According to entomologists billions of cicadas will emerge from the earth flooding states along the eastern seaboard, very soon. The insets will arrive in the billions outnumbering humans 600 to 1. While the sound of this makes your skin crawl, the insects are harmless to your family and pets.

The cicadas will be out in full force looking to conjugate and not take over mankind!

Since 1996 a group of 1-inch bugs have been holed up a few feet underground, sucking on tree roots and biding their time. As the ground temperatures reach a precise 64 degrees the creepy insects will emerge to the surface.

The estimated time the cicadas will flood the earth should range between 2 to 4 weeks as the parent cicada dies and their offspring goes underground never to return until 2030.

The one thing that may bother you is the noise that comes along with their arrival. The high pitch screaming sound is a call for sex to other cicadas. An entomologist at the college of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati measured cicadas at 94 decibels which could drown out the sound of planes flying overhead.

In the United States there are 15 broods that emerge every 13 to 17 years.

This year's invasion, Brood II, is one of the bigger ones. Several experts say that they really don't have a handle on how many cicadas are lurking underground but that 30 billion seems like a good estimate. At the Smithsonian Institution, researcher Gary Hevel thinks it may be more like 1 trillion.

Past cicada invasions have seen as many as 1.5 million bugs per acres. However, some areas may not see any at all, especially highly urbanized areas.


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