A unique and romantic ceremony today in Reisterstown

Humane society holds a pet wedding!

Baltimore, MD - Love was in the air in Reisterstown today as the Baltimore humane society held a mock wedding for Valentines Day! The wedding was for Fuschia and Tippy, two adoptable shelter dogs and Elena and King Julian, two adoptable shelter cats. The celebration of hope, caring, and friendship in the lives of animals who have lost the love and support of their families made this ceremony a very special one.

Today's ceremony marked the second annual for the Baltimore Humane Society which was hosted by Wendy Goldband.

Wendy tells ABC 2 this is good exposure for the wonderful animals available for adoption.  A club she calls the Lonely Hearts club allows for people to adopt pets that have been in care of the Humane Society, free of charge! Details on that can be found here: http://bmorehumane.org/adopt/lonely-hearts-club

More information about pet adoption can be found here: http://bmorehumane.org/index.php

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