16 homicides in Baltimore city in less than two weeks

Less than two week into 2014 and Baltimore City has already had 16 homicides, and police said where it's happening is random.

The department hit the streets in northwest Baltimore on Monday afternoon, visiting the neighborhoods where the latest two deadly shootings happened.

"With all this killing, we ain't providing nothin'. The only thing we providing is messages to show our youth that this world is fastly destroying itself," a neighbor, who goes by 'Mr. C,' said.

Neighbors say the sight of police tape marking off separate areas is becoming all too familiar in Park Heights, and something needs to change.

"When are they going to stop killing? [When are] they gonna stop hurting the people? When are everybody going to be able to unitize and prioritize like they're supposed to be?" Mr. C said.

Not far from the Park Heights shooting, a person was shot and killed less than an hour later. It happened on Edgewood Road around 11:30 p.m. Sunday.

"The shot, the three shots I heard woke me up," said Barbara Adams, who lives close by.

Adams said she knew the victim who was shot and killed in front of her home.

"It's shocking because you just don't know when," she said. "You see the person one minute, next minute, they're gone. Like I said, I saw him Saturday night. And he spoke to my daughter and granddaughter, and we came in the house and that's that."

Police spent Monday afternoon patrolling, talking to neighbors and passing out fliers urging anyone with information to come forward.

The city is ahead of the murder pace of January 1993; 27 were killed that month on the way to 353 homicides total that year. 1993 was the deadliest year in the city in 40 years.

"We don't know day by day, you know, what's going to take place. But I'm just sorry, you know, to the tragedy," said Adams.

Police say they've added patrols and plan to stick with the current crime-fighting plan.

They have not yet released the identity on the latest two homicide victims.

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