Hidden message to government in shutdown found in National Weather Service Report

It was either a carefully crafted message or a serious case of coincidence. Regardless, there is no absence of humor.

ABC2 News first saw the report from the National Weather Service in Anchorage, Alaska as it came in an email from meteorologist Mike Masco.

Masco was sent the report from someone in the state, asking, "Am I seeing things."

In the far left column of the report, the first letter of each line spelled: "Please pay us."

As the National Weather Service has struggled to keep up in a government shutdown, operating with only the minimum, it was either an act of genius or amazing coincidence.

Either way, Masco was retweeted hundreds of times. As it was retweeted, news of the report made it's way to popular news and weather blogs and news websites.

"Social media is a powerful thing," Masco said. "...This escalated quickly to 100+ retweets in five minutes. Thanks, Huffpost!"

The screenshot sent to Masco that he tweeted seems to have originated on the Pinterest account of weatherboy.com.

Regardless, the message is still available on the NWS' website .

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