About The Children's Home

Located in Catonsville, The Children’s Home has a long-standing history and commitment of serving children ages 13 through 21 in residential care.

The home provides care in a safe, home-like living environment and its campus provides a suburban setting where children can feel secure, nurtured and have a sense of belonging.

The home serves children from throughout the state of Maryland who are victims of abuse, neglect, family breakdown or are in need of supervised care. While at the home, children who have suffered emotionally or physically are given the care normally imparted by parents or families that is needed to heal, rebuild their self-esteem and grow into healthy, productive young adults.

In 2016, The Children's Home will be getting some much needed renovations as part of the Built Upon a Dream project. Find out more about the project here: www.abc2news.com/dream.

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