A lot of goats, a little yoga: Goat yoga makes its way to the mat in Maryland

I don't like working out. I like how I feel after I'm done but getting the motivation to start is a challenge.

So I need something more than just the promise of a good sweat session. Food, wine, cute animals; these are all things that could get me off the couch and into a pair of stretchy work out pants.

Goats are a surprisingly good motivator. The yoga with goats trend made its way to Maryland. If you haven't heard of it, it's exactly what it sounds like. There are goats. You do yoga. It's amazing.

Well, you intend to do yoga. Have you ever tried to find your center while a baby goat nibbles on your sleeve? It's impossible.

The instructor had quite the time trying to get the group to concentrate. She expected this and powered through the poses with those of us not distracted. 

She later told us children were easier to teach than grown adults surrounded by goats.

Goat yoga isn't for everyone. If you don't like getting dirty or actually want to do yoga perhaps try a different class. But if you want to meet some goats and take adorable pictures you should really try it. 

The goats just want your attention. They will jump on you, butt you with their heads and nibble on your ear in order to get it. 

Janice Ingson set up this event in Glenelg and it sold out fast. She plans on doing more classes over the next few months (and I plan on attending). Follow her on Facebook for information on that. 

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