And the most annoying work habits are...

Whether it's talking loudly on the phone or warming up smell foods, we are most likely annoyed by some of the things our co-workers do.

Researchers at Cleveland Clinic say "complaining" is near the top of the list of things that annoy them most while at work.

Along with complaining, saying "excuse me" when anyone responds to a comment or question is also on the list.

Walking around bare feet  while in the office gets under the skin of some people.

Heating up seafood in the microwave is definitely a "no-no".

So is talking loudly or  whispering in a corner.

The study showed people especially hate it when they catch their boss whispering.

Other habits making the list: co-workers who correct people too much, micro-managing and chewing gum with your mouth open.




((source: Cleveland clinic))