How sequestration could impact your travel plans

BALTIMORE -  There are few signs of hope that a deal can be worked out on the looming budget cuts and with most lawmakers already out of the Capitol for the weekend, chances for a deal are slim.

But how would it impact you?

You could find yourself waiting in longer lines to get through airport security... And there could be more flight delays.   

At BWI Marshall the cuts would force the FAA to furlough employees--everyone from customs officials to TSA workers, those working in the flight tower, and baggage screeners.

That means if you travel often for business, or have any plans to fly for spring or summer vacation you'll probably deal with longer wait times and possible delays.  

Meanwhile in Washington, there are no signs a deal will be reached to avoid the sequester. Most lawmakers left town yesterday.

President Obama will meet with congressional leaders at the White House today, but expectations are low.   

Later on Friday morning Senator Ben Cardin will be joined by congressmen john sarbanes and john delaney for a press conference.
  they'll be talking about how the cuts will affect bwi and air travel.   

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